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Sep 3rd, 2014



A quick post about the process of working with bitbucket.org from scratch

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A little background info

Just to put it out there, I'm a bit of a control nut. I've a local VPS which is dedicated to tracking a fair number of projects, and could continue to use this - but, I'm trying to let a little sunshine in & utilise some...

Aug 20th, 2014


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A reference guide for some, a new tip for others - how to resize or rotate images quickly

unix shot - from stockexchange

Images can be a pain to work with, more so when you get anomalous results reported from different pieces of software.

We recently needed to have some images sorting out for using with json & other scripts, and they were a wee bit of a mess with...

Jul 27th, 2014



Steps taken while installing a new disk on a debian server using the command line


After recently upgrading one of the hard disks in our local development server which is running debian, I thought it a good idea to make some notes that will help as a reference to us, but also maybe help someone else.

It's a safe assumption...

Dec 15th, 2013


A fast method to switch between a couple of git branches


A quick reference post to cover how to switch between 2 different git branches quickly without having to complete and use the traditional syntax.

An example scenario would be two branches, one for the backend of a new feature, and one for the...

Nov 27th, 2013


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The smart and fast way to link your Facebook and Twitter in simple steps.

The smart and fast way to link your Facebook and Twitter in simple steps.

Before we launch into the 'how to', take the time (if you haven't already) to weigh the pros and cons of linking your business accounts. This small step can save you time and effort but it is also wise to take into account that these are two...

Dec 6th, 2013


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It's rock and roll time!

It's rock and roll time!

This is where any of the common questions we are asked, we post to guide you through the clutter of the Big Bad Web.

We have found that no matter the level of expertise there is always room for new tricks and we firmly believe in learning...